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2023 Annual Meeting Research and Educational Poster Awards


Hounsfield Award: A Fully Automated AI Algorithm for Opportunistic Screening of Cardiomegaly on Chest or Abdominal CT; Dr. Rafah Mresh

Lauterbur Award (presented by Bracco): LI-RADS Treatment Response Algorithm v2023 versus v2018: Assessing Diagnostic Performance and Inter-reader Agreement in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy; Dr. Josh Breeden

Resoundant Innovation Award: International Comparative Study of Artificial Intelligence and Radiologists in Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer Detection: Results From The PI-CAI Consortium; Dr. Jurgen Futterer

Moncada Award (presented by Bracco): Performance of 2018 LI-RADS versus rLI-RADS: An Individual Patient Data Meta; Dr. Stacy Goins

Young Investigator Award: The High Unreimbursed Costs of Multidisciplinary Conferences to a Radiology Department: A Prospective Analysis at a Single Academic Medical Center; Dr. Meridith Kisting

OUTSTANDING SCIENTIFIC AWARD (Workshop Oral Scientific Presentation)

Debora Recchimuzzi: Detection of clinically significant prostate cancer in men with a negative initial round of targeted biopsies and suspicious multiparametric magnetic resonance findings

Bari Dane: Crohns Disease Inflammation Severity Assessment with Photon Counting CT Enterography: Comparison with Endoscopic Histopathology

Omid Shafaat: Abdominal CT Measurements of Body Composition and Waitlist Mortality in Kidney Transplant Candidates


Yashant Aswani, MD; University of Iowa: Imaging in penile prosthesis

Matthew Smith, MD; Vanderbilt: Spectral Analysis of Non-contrast Fluoroscopy for Evaluation of Pulmonary Perfusion: Sensitivity Testing and Validation with a Lung Perfusion Phantom and Clinical Comparison to Pulmonary Angiography

Sonia Gaur, MD; University of Michigan: Radiologist Variation Predicts Differential Resource Utilization but Not Clinical Outcome in Emergency Department Patients Imaged for Right Upper Quadrant Pain

Valerie Khaykin; University of Michigan: Sneak Peek: Longitudinal Review of CT and MR Imaging Findings After Histotripsy to Liver Tumors

Naveen Rajamohan, MD; UT Southwestern: Bringing PET/MRI into Practice: Challenges and Considerations

Octavia Bane, MD; Mount Sinai: Splanchnic vasculature flow quantified by 4D flow MRI diagnoses severe portal hypertension

Alexander Moeller, MD; University of Wisconsin: Comparing Automated Abdominal and Thoracic Aortic Agatston Measurements Derived from a Deep Learning-Based Model

Amar Shah, MD; Mayo Arizona: Short Segment Linear Flaps of the Abdominal Aorta are Not Dissections: Discovery of their Origin via Retrospective Imaging Review

Tayson Lin, MD; University of Michigan: Clinical Utility of a Commercial 0.55 Tesla MRI System for Evaluating of Renal Lesions

Jason Chandrapal, MD; Diagnostic Radiology Resident at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX.: Periprostatic Anatomy: An Illustrated Review And Implications for Treatment Planning

Lillian Chiu Kennedy, MD; NYU: Comparison of Deep Learning-Based Two Fold Accelerated Diffusion Weighted Imaging with Conventional Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Female Pelvic Imaging

Syed Jamal Safdar Gardezi, MD; University of Wisconsin: An AI Approach to Radiation Dose Reduction in CT Urography: Synthesizing Nephrographic Phase Images from the Non-Contrast and Excretory Phases

Melina Hosseiny, MD; UC San Diego: Deep Learning ECG Waveform Detection and Prediction for Cardiac MRI

Giuseppe Toia, MD; University of Wisconsin: Consumable Material Waste Comparison between Multi-use Syringeless and Single-use Syringe-based Injectors in Computed Tomography

Andrew Ruff, MD; NYU: Determining the Optimal Virtual Monoenergetic Reconstruction Energy for the Detection of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma during Pancreatic Parenchymal Phase using Photon Counting CT

MAGNA CUM LAUDE (Three-Pearls)

Sarah LaPierre; MRI Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis with Operative Correlation

Kayli Lala; MR Imaging Biomarkers: Can aggressive imaging features of hepatocellular carcinoma predict early post-treatment recurrence?

Jordan Chamberlin; Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms of the Liver: A New Paradigm in Diagnosis

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