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In 2019, the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography (JCAT) – the world’s oldest peer-reviewed source dedicated to CT and MR imaging – became the official journal of what is now the Society for Advanced Body Imaging.

JCAT showcases the latest clinical and research developments in CT, MR and closely related diagnostic techniques, and accepts submission of original research and review articles that have immediate or promissory clinical applications.

The affiliation of JCAT and the Society for Advanced Body Imaging furthers the mission of championing cutting-edge technologic advances that enhance the clinical practice of imaging. SABI members especially benefit from this relationship in the following ways:

  • Ability to receive a significant discount on annual digital access
  • Expedited review of submissions for publication
  • Ability to participate on JCAT in one or more of several capacities
  • Potential discounts on other journals and books from the publisher, Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

As a member of Society of Advanced Body Imaging, you have the option to subscribe to the digital version of the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography.

  • Regular Online Only Member Annual subscription Price $125.00 with promo code
  • Training, Fellow, Emeritus Online Only Member Annual subscription Price $99.00 with promo code

You will need to request the promo code from SABI management, click the button below to request

Request Promo Code

Once you have your promo code, please subscribe using the link below


Submitting Your Work to JCAT

As a member of SABI, when submitting your work to JCAT, please check "yes” to the question of whether any of the contributing authors are SABI members. As noted, we utilize this to help expedite the review and identify and recognize those submissions written by SABI members in the society newsletter, social media, etc.

Become a Reviewer!

JCAT is always looking for reviewers with those of rank of Assistant Professor or higher. In addition to the areas covered by SABI (abdominopelvic, breast/women’s imaging, cardiac/cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, thoracic, etc.), JCAT is also interested in reviewers for neuroradiology/head and neck. If interested, or if you know of a great colleague, please send an email to the Editor-in-Chief, Eric Tamm, M.D., at eprad76@hotmail.com with the following:

  • Full name, title and affiliation and institutional email and alternate email (to combat SPAM filters)
  • A copy of your CV (to help with matching you to appropriate topics and interests)
  • Description of areas/topics in which you would most like to review
  • That you are a SABI member (or if not, the SABI member who invited you)

We will then forward your application to the relevant specialty Associate Editor.

Recognition of Editorial Board

Please follow this link to a listing of all those on the Editorial Board, many of whom are SABI members.

Editor’s Awards for Reviewing

For the most current published listing of awarded reviewers, as well as the listing of all those who generously reviewed articles for JCAT in the past year, please download the PDF here.

How to Write a JCAT Review - Tips and Tricks Webinar

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