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2022 Annual Meeting Research and Educational Poster Awards


Hounsfield award: Prospective comparative effectiveness study of AI assisted versus unassisted radiologists in the detection of incidental pulmonary emboli; Steven Rothenberg: srothenb@uab.edu (University of Alabama Birmingham)

Lauterbur award: Anatomic tropism in molecular clusters of metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma: Analysis of the total tumor burden in the Immotion 150 cohort;  Gaelle Haddad: gaelleh7@gmail.com (University of Texas Southwestern)

Resoundant Innovation award: Non-invasive histotripsy ablation of liver tumor in a rat hepatocellular carcinoma model; Maggie Zhang: maggiez@med.umich.edu (University of Michigan) 

Moncada award: Gadoxeate-enhanced 18FDG-PET/MRI versus CT for detection of liver and peritoneal metastases form pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; Naveen Rajamohan: naveenrajamohan@gmail.com (Mayo Clinic)

Young Investigator award: Impact of online MRI safety screening questionnaires on patient workflow; Sheena Chu: sheena.chu@wisc.edu (University of Wisconsin)

OUTSTANDING SCIENTIFIC AWARD (Workshop Oral Scientific Presentation)

Aditi Chaurasia: The Kidney Imaging Surveillance Scoring System (KISSS): A Qualitative MRI-Based Approach to Characterize Growth Rates of Clear Cell Carcinomas in Patients with von Hippel Lindau (VHL) Syndrome; adi5974@gmail.com (NIH)

Joo Yeon Shin: Noninvasive Diagnosis of Esophageal Varices and Prediction of Liver Disease Outcome Using Magnetic Resonance Elastography; bachir.taouli@mountsinai.org  (BioMedical Engineering and Imaging Institute (BMEII) vs Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) 

Pooyan Khalighinejad: Early Efficacy and Safety of MRI-guided Transurethral Ablation of the Prostate and the Role of Susceptibility-weighted MRI; pooyan.khalighinejad@utsouthwestern.edu (University of Texas Southwestern)


JinJin Cao: Response assessment in HCC: A primer for radiologists; jcao11@mgh.harvard.edu (Massachusetts General Hospital)

JinJin Cao: Impact of Deep Learning Imaging Reconstruction on Hypodense Liver Lesion Detection on Dual-Energy CT Data Sets; jcao11@mgh.harvard.edu (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Fides Regina Schwartz: Liver Fat Quantification in Photon Counting CT in Comparison to Clinical MRI - First Experience in an Obese Population; fides.schwartz@duke.edu (Duke University Medical Center) Erik Paulson

Francesca Rigiroli: Causes and outcomes of CT-guided biopsies with pathology results discordant with imaging findings; f.rigiroli@gmail.com (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) Jonny Kruskal

Giuseppe Toia: Performance and Radiation Saving Potential of a Deep Learning CT Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Detectability of Small Hypoattenuating Lesions: 24-Reader Multi-Case Image Evaluation and Task-based Observer Modeling; gtoia@uwhealth.org (University of Wisconsin)

Thekla Oechtering: Quality improvement of radial 4D flow MRI of the abdomen in obese subjects through mitigation of fat signal;  oechtering@wisc.edu (University of Wisconsin)

Vikrant Khare: 2022 Update of the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer Recommendations: What the Radiologist Needs to Know; vkhare@med.umich.edu (University of Michigan) Vikas Gulani

Giridhar Dasegowda: Are we choosing quantity over quality? Incidence and distribution of poor-quality chest radiographs in a multinational imaging practice study; giridhar.dasegowda@gmail.com (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Colm Kelleher: A faster prostate MRI: Comparing a novel denoised, single-average T2 sequence to the conventional multi-average T2 sequence regarding lesion detection and PI-RADS score assessment; cbk8@duke.edu (Duke) Erik Paulson

Juan Manuel Zambrano Chaves: Opportunistic Analysis of Skeletal Muscle at Abdominal CT in 17,000 Patients Reveals Associations with Disease Phenotypes; jmz@stanford.edu (Stanford)

Octavia Bane: Multiparametric MRI predicts HCC immunophenotype; bachir.taouli@mountsinai.org  (BioMedical Engineering and Imaging Institute (BMEII) vs Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) 

Sindhura Tadisetty: Where do they come from and where do they go? - Abdominal spaces as anatomical highways for disease traffic; sindhura.tadisetty@gmail.com (University of Kentucky)

Adish Parikh: MR Imaging biomarkers: prognostic predictors of Aggressive HCC; adparikh@umich.edu (University of Michigan) Vikas Gulani

Bari Dane: Preoperative cross-sectional imaging findings in patients with surgically complex ileocolic Crohn's disease; bari.dane@nyulangone.org (NYU Langone Medical Center)

Abhay Dhaliwal: Spectrum of Cavitary Pulmonary Nodules; abhaydhaliwal@gmail.com (Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine)

MAGNA CUM LAUDE (Three-Pearls)

Valerie Khyakin: Hot Tips and Cold Facts: Comparing Minimally and Non-invasive Locoregional Therapies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma;  vkh@med.umich.edu (University of Michigan)

Lucas Aronson: Leveraging virtual containers for high-powered, collaborative AI research in radiology; lcaronson@wisc.edu (University of Wisconsin)

Allan Brazier: Unexpected imaging findings following uterine interventions; adela.pouzar@beaumont.org allan.brazier@beaumont.org  (Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine)

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