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Innovation and translation of cutting edge technology into the practice of body imaging, in an engaging and inclusive environment that fosters the development of members through mentorship and education.

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Computed Tomography Magnetic Resonance Today's Radiology Innovation

At its October 2019 annual meeting, the Society of Computed Body Tomography & Magnetic Resonance (SCBT-MR) announced the change of its name to the Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI). This updated name more accurately reflects what has always been the Society’s focus: innovating and translating advanced imaging technologies into new ways to practice body imaging.

The Society was founded in 1978 by 14 radiologists – from some of the nation’s most prestigious radiology departments seeking to translate computed tomography into practice (CT scanners had just then become fast enough to image the body). CT and MR remain the bedrock of SABI’s purview; it has become the “how to” annual meeting on body CT and MR. However, its new name expands the possibilities for the Society to explore other modalities such as ultrasound and PET and imaging-enhancing technologies including AI/machine learning and informatics. SABI is a big tent radiology society, not limited by modality or body system but committed to concerning itself with any areas that is advancing body imaging.

Along with its name change, SABI has renewed its focus on:

  • Innovating and translating cutting-edge technologies into the practice of body imaging so patients can benefit from them.
  • Fostering an inclusive and engaging environment that welcomes all body imagers regardless of background, career stage or practice situation.
  • Developing members through mentorship and education.

Innovation & Translation of Advanced Imaging Modalities & Technology

Ever since the Society’s early days, it has been the forum for those who seek to learn new and improved ways to image the body. That is the kernel behind the tagline the Society for Advanced Body Imaging adopted: Leading Innovation into Practice. Because SABI welcomes all body imagers regardless of the modalities they specialize in or body systems they image, ideas and insights can be cross-pollinated across radiologic subspecialties.

The Engaging & Inclusive Advanced Imaging Society

Though the Society was started by academic radiologists, many of whom are still involved as emeritus fellows, SABI welcomes body imagers at all career stages, and from academic and community settings alike. In recent years, the Society has increased opportunities for its members to be involved, such as being able to give presentations at annual meeting scientific sessions. Attendees of recent meetings have commented on the dynamism created by the productive discussions between junior members and senior fellows at these sessions. SABI also recently created a position on its Board that will be filled by a member.

A Radiology Society to Develop & Support Body Imagers

SABI uniquely provides access to some of the top experts in body imaging, many of whom were the first to employ CT and MR in the subdiscipline. Supported by these involved and accessible experts, SABI supplies the highest quality education in body imaging. Its educational resources and annual meeting offer a balance between advanced and emerging body imaging techniques, as well as give updates on established techniques. The Society is an authoritative source for up-to-date information on imaging protocols and criteria.

The Society recently started a mentorship program in which participants meet regularly via webinar with a Fellow of the Society for Advanced Body Imaging. Through SABI’s annual meeting format that encourages open and candid discussion, early career body imagers have opportunities to gain insights directly from the field’s thought leaders.

If you are interested in helping shape the future of body imaging, consider joining SABI. You will also receive these membership benefits.

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