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The Lede from the SABI President January-February 2023

The lede – Social media is a mess. Modes of communication have expanded seemingly exponentially since Facebook became open to the general public in 2006. Whether it’s email, FB, twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Doximity (I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of dozen,) everyone is vying for your time and attention. Of which we have less and less. And less.

SABI does need to reach our members and future members at times; we want to make sure you hear about our webinars, the call for topics (hopefully you all submitted!), the call for abstracts, and events related to the annual meeting. But SABI doesn’t want to make your lives more complicated. You may see us reach out on multiple platforms, but the message is always the same – SABI is the place to learn and share the latest in advanced body imaging. Email will be our most reliable and consistent means of communication, so make sure we have your most up-to-date email, and please check to ensure it is not blocked or moved to spam. The website (SABIradiology.org) will also strive to be the source of truth. But feel free to pick your favorite platform and look for us there, and share your SABI spirit.

Finally, since I have the opportunity, I’ll share a few personal notes as I learn about Artificial or Augmented Intelligence in Radiology. My favorite quote about being replaced by A.I. is “if you can be replaced by A.I., you should be replaced by A.I.” Always try to add value in what you do for our patients, whether it's being available for consultation, taking the extra moment to look at old studies to see what has not been seen before, or by making clear and concise recommendations. Our more clinical colleagues don’t expect us to be perfect, just consistent and clear about what we think and what we know. I have played a little with ChatGPT; one commentary I read is that ChatGPT can produce text that is entirely plausible but entirely untrue. I have found that to be true. ChatGPT wrote to a prompt I gave “the renal mass is hyperdense on non-contrast imaging and does not enhance, consistent with renal cell carcinoma.” Certainly sounded convincing!

This was not written by ChatGPT. Could you tell?

Be well,

Brian R. Herts, MD
President, SABI 2022-2023

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