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Committee Descriptions

Awards Committee

The committee will review potential candidates from the among Fellows and members in good standing (current or emeritus) who have made, in the opinion of the committee, substantial contributions to the Society. The SABI Service Medal is awarded to a member of the society who has made extraordinary volunteer contributions to the mission and day to day operations of the society. It is not required that this type of award be given every year.

Bylaws Committee

Maintain and reevaluate the bylaws annually, and ad hoc as required by special circumstances. Assure the bylaws mature with the society. Evaluate and maintain the SOP templates for SABI committees, minimally every three years. Evaluate all committees SOP changes prior to board review for adherence to the bylaws. Once committees complete the SOP, this committee would be the first to review prior to the Board. Upon review, the bylaws committee may communicate any suggested changes with the relevant committee chair. The bylaws committee would then make suggestions/recommendations regarding the document to the board. (NOTE: Any committee that requests changes to the individual SOP, must use track changes to make it easier for review.) Evaluate all the committee SOPs approximately every three years. Approximately one third of the committee SOP's will be reviewed each year for adherence to the current bylaws.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall oversee design and maintenance of the Society’s website and assist in the production of society newsletters or other mass communications. In addition, the Committee is responsible for press releases, and general announcements of the Society. The committee relies heavily upon staff support to produce and execute its charge. Staff and committee collaboration includes:

  1. Assess all communication strategies and their effectiveness in keeping the membership informed.
  2. Make recommendations for improvement
  3. Develop a comprehensive communication plan for regularly scheduled and “popup” communication needs
  4. Solicit content from committees, board and chapters related to SABI programs or services current or “in the works”
  5. Solicit trends in health care recruitment for social media posting
  6. Administer the development and distribution of the quarterly newsletter and evaluate distribution methods (e.g., print versus electronic only) and make recommendations to the board
  7. Develop a public relations and marketing campaign to help further the board’s strategic goals and objectives

Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee is to serve as liaisons between the association and our corporate partners by promoting participation at the annual meeting and support of the association’s activities. The committee will also conduct special tasks selected by the Executive Board related to corporate relations. Furthermore, the committee will consult with the Executive Board regarding activities of relevance in terms of corporate support of the manifold functions of the association.

Education Committee

The Continuing Medical Education Committee (the “Education Committee”) shall ensure that the educational needs of the registrants of the Society’s Postgraduate teaching courses are met. Specifically, the committee shall ensure the Society’s Continuing Medical Education (“CME”) courses meet the criteria set forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

Early Career Committee

The Early Career Committee promotes networking and mentorship for early career members and trainees (medical students, residents, and fellows), with the goal of enhancing their careers as well as facilitating their active participation in the Society. Activities include In-Training workshops, networking, webinars on career choices, mentorship, paper writing, etc.

Fellow Nominating Committee

The Fellow Nominating Committee coordinates and reviews applications and nominations for Fellowship status in SABI, and will be responsible for such activities before and during annual meetings. The FNC is also responsible for defining the qualifications for eligibility for Fellowship in the SABI. FNC committee activities involve multiple steps throughout the year leading to the presentation of Fellow nominees at the annual meeting, either by the Chair of the committee or the Reporting Board Member.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides guidance to the board to help ensure the financial health of the organization, informed by strong fiscal policies. The committee shall periodically review and revise the investment guidelines, financial audit documents, and fiscal policies of SABI, and make other financial-related recommendations as requested by the board.

Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee is responsible for oversight and direction of SABI Mentoring Program, ensuring that all participants have an enriching learning experience that contributes to their personal and professional growth and development. The goal of the Mentoring Program is to provide a professional development opportunity for future radiology leaders in SABI. The program aims to strengthen relationships between SABI members who participate as Mentors, between Mentors and the Mentee group, as well as between the SABI, referral contacts and the Mentee employer organizations.

Learn More About the Mentorship Program

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee plays an important role in SABI’s ongoing efforts to encourage, support, recruit and retain SABI members. This committee serves as the backbone for member growth and engagement. Additionally, the committee assists with greeting attendees at SABI educational and social events, and helps identify opportunities to improve member engagement and the overall membership experience. The committee shall be responsible for review of criteria for candidates for Membership and In-Training Membership of the Society. The committee shall review membership applications and approve members, and with the approval of the Board, it may delegate this responsibility to the Executive Director.

Program Committee

The Program Committee develops credible, relevant, and cutting-edge programs; creates fruitful networking events and social opportunities; understands and manages the needs of both attendees and exhibitors; develops key long-term alliances and partnerships with potential sponsors and exhibitors; creates new and unique opportunities for industry to reach membership; solicits sponsorships and exhibitors; works to create and provide mutually beneficial sponsor, exhibitor, and attendee interactions; works closely with the Corporate Relations Advisory Board on all relevant pieces of the conference; adheres to the conference budget as approved by the Board of Directors.

Scientific Research Committee

The Research Awards – Scientific Committee (the “Research Committee”) reviews and revises abstract guidelines; solicits abstracts and reviewers from SABI members; sets qualifications for reviewers; assigns abstracts for reviews; evaluates abstract reviews; makes final decisions on abstract acceptances for posters, short talks, long talks and workshops; lays out program.

TAC (Technology Advisory Council)

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