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March 2023

Dr. Jessica Robbins, MD FAUR FSABI

Professor of Radiology

Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Enrichment

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health 

Madison, WI

How long have you been a member of SABI?

6 years


Running and Reading

Interesting Fact: 

Raises Monarch Butterflies

What is your area of clinical/research focus?

As an abdominal radiologist at the University of Wisconsin, I do the full range of abdominal imaging, CT colonography, and small procedures including ultrasound-guided biopsies, paras and thoras, and hysterosalpingograms/hysterosonography.  I have a particular interest in benign and oncologic gynecologic imaging and have participated in some gynecologic oncology research.  While I do not have the opportunity to much obstetric imaging clinically, it is something I love to teach my residents about.  In my role as Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Enrichment, I oversee our departmental career development and promotion processes and their intersection with DEI and wellbeing

What is your favorite part of being a member of SABI?

SABI is my favorite specialty organization!  The group is welcoming, inclusive, and brilliant. The networking is spectacular and I learn so much every time I interact with SABI.

What or who motivated you to join SABI?

As we were waiting for our RSNA Refresher course to begin, Susan Ascher encouraged me to consider joining SABI (SCBT-MR at the time).  I was initially reluctant since I had a perception that the organization was “elitist” and “exclusive.”  Susan assured me that the culture of SABI had evolved and that I would be welcomed and included.  So, when Scott Reeder invited me to present in the “Don’t let this happen to you session” at the 2018 meeting, I accepted and, wow, am I grateful I did!  In SABI, I found my abdominal imaging people!

What activities of SABI do you like?

I love the annual meeting; it is a wonderful opportunity to connect and learn.  Serving as the senior faculty member advisor for the ECC has been extraordinarily rewarding as I feel like I am watching the future of SABI in the making! The monthly webinars have been a great way to stay connected with the society, interface with new people, and, in the instance of the book clubs discuss non-radiology topics with my radiology peers!

What are your hobbies or favorite activities?

I am an avid runner and reader.  Some people “brunch” with their friends, I run; I have a standing weekend date with one of my besties, Susan, where we run and share personal stories for 90 minutes while looping Lake Mendota.  I am always reading fiction, my favorites are epic character development novels, and have been known to carry my current read with me so I can catch a few words while I’m waiting for my latte.

What is something about you that not many people know?

I raise Monarch butterflies.  The hobby started by accident when I found a fat caterpillar on my walk home from work.  I thought my kids would be interested in watching the metamorphosis.  They were, kind of, but it turns out I was more enthralled by the process than they were.  Over the past few years, I have cultivated numerous milkweed plants in my yard to provide the Monarchs a place to lay their eggs and to feed the VERY hungry caterpillars that emerge from the eggs I collect.  My “farm” has raised and released nearly 200 butterflies in the past 2 years; I am hoping that the summer of 2023 will be even more fruitful than last year!

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