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Saturday, October 7

1:00 PM Welcome

Ivan Pedrosa

Sustainability in Radiology Mini Course (Part I)


Neil Rofsky

Industry Initiatives to Deal with Climate Change in Medical Imaging

Vibhas Deshpande

Industry's Business Case for Green Radiology?

Bram Stolk

1:30 PM Break

2:00 PM Sustainability in Radiology Mini Course (Part II)

Thomas Grist (Moderator)

What is Green Radiology?

Elizabeth Hecht

Elemental Sustainability: Contrast Media

Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan

Why should Radiology Departments Invest in Green?

Elizabeth Morris

Government Initiatives to Deal with Climate Change in Radiology

Ryan Fogle

Change Management in Changing Times

Neil Rofsky

Starting and Accelerating Sustainability Initiatives (Debate)

Elizabeth Hecht, Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, Elizabeth Morris, Ryan Folge, Neil Rofsky

3:30 PM Break

4:00 PM CT Innovations Plenary

Avinash Kambadakone (Moderator)

Photon Counting CT: Emergence of New Era in CT (Innovations Lecture)

Bari Dane

Toward Efficiency in a Busy CT Service: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan

CT Image Reconstruction: An Update

Giuseppe Toia

Photon Counting CT: Is it Worth the Investment (Debate)

Avinash Kambadakone (Moderator), Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan (Moderator), Priya Bhosale (Pro Speaker), Daniele Marin (Con Speaker),

Prabhakar Rajiah (Panelist), Giusuppe Toia (Panelist)

5:15 PM President’s Welcome Reception

6:15 PM Ted-like Talks

Rediscovering Your Passions

Andrew Wentland

  Embracing our Brilliant IMG Colleagues 

Olga Brook

My Iron-man Pursuit of Lunacy

Myron Posniak

Tales from a Dog Whisperer

Jitka Starekova

The Dilemma of Change

Joseph Yacoub

  Recalibrating the Utility of Colorblindness in Medical Research

Jessica Wen

You are not a horse!  Strategies for Education

Ghaneh Fananapazir

  Picture this: Visualization Tools to Identify Your Pot of Gold

Angela Tong

Sunday, October 8

7:00 AM Committee Meetings

7:00 AM Breakfast

7:30 AM The Cutting Edge (Research) - Part I

Bari Dane (Moderator), Elizabeth Hecht (Moderator)

8:50 AM Break

9:00 AM  The Cutting Edge (Research) - Part II

Anil Chauhan (Moderator), Viktoriya Paroder (Moderator)

10:30 AM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plenary

Judy Yee (Moderator)

You're Prettier When You Smile

Jessica Robbins

The Next Generation (Z): Boldly Going into the Workforce

Tara Catanzano

Changing the Department Culture Around DEI

Nichole Hindman

Inclusion and Exclusion, Challenges in the Workplace and Methods That Work (Debate)

Judy Yee (Moderator), Beth McFarland, Erik Paulson, Jordan Perchik, Jessica Robbins, Neil Rofsky

11:35 AM Workshops

I Love Science (Research)

MR Artifacts and Pitfalls in Hepatobiliary Imaging Solutions too!

Paul Nikolaidis, Sudhakar Venkatesh

Early Career Support - Finding the Right Mentor and Sponsor
How do I Get My First Paper Published?

Claude Sirlin

How do I Get Invited to My First Talk?

Neil Rofsky

12:00 PM Lunch Symposium with GE Healthcare

1:00 PM US Innovations Plenary

Liz Edney (Moderator), Aya Kamaya (Moderator)

Ultrasound Assessment of Liver Fat

David Fetzer

SRU Consensus for Endometriosis (Hot off the press!)

Wendy VanBuren

Hysterosalpingo-Contrast Sonography for Fallopian Tube Patency

Shuchi Rogers

New Surveillance LI-RADS Algorithm with US and Abbreviated MRI

Aya Kamaya

2:10 PM Quality and Safety Plenary

Pranay Krishnan (Moderator), Sadhna Nandwana (Moderator)

MRI Safety: Applying Safety and Quality Principles to Mitigate Risks for Sick Inpatients

Joseph Yacoub

Structured Radiology Reports and Reporting Language

Atul Shinagare

The Peer Learning Conversation (Panel Discussion)

Kristine Burk, Tara Catanzano, Elizabeth Edney, Francesca Rigiroli, Pranay Krishnan (Moderator), Nelly Tan (Moderator)

3:00 PM Break

3:20 PM       GU Plenary

Nelly Tan (Moderator)

We Should/Shouldn't be Using Imaging to Predict Renal Cancer Cell Type in 2023 (Debate)


Andrew Wentland

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Stuart Silverman

Ask the Audience (Panel Discussion)

Andrew Wendland, Stuart Silverman, Amar Gupta

Bladder Cancer: 3 Practical Tips and New Research

Valeria Panebianco

Ask the Audience

Adrenal Nodules: 3 Practical Tips and New Research

Michael Corwin

Ask the audience

4:30 PM  Workshops

You Love Science (Research)

Photon Counting and Multi-energy CT:  Applications in Cardiothoracic Imaging

Myrna Godoy, Prabhakar Rajiah

The Next Generation

Engaging Newer Generations of Radiologists through Podcasts

Linda Chu

Generation Z: Aligning the New Workforce with Patient Care and Institutional Needs

Devrim Erahin

Challenges Facing Women in Radiology (Part I) (Panel Discussion)

Beth McFarland, Geoffrey Rubin, Aarti Sekhar, Judy Yee, Lea Azour, Liz Hecht (Moderator)

5:05 PM Workshop

We All Love Science (Research)

CT Protocol Creation, Workflow, and Standardization

Myron Pozniak, Timothy Szczykutowicz

Innovations in Ovarian Cancer: Radiologist’s Perspective

Pamela Causa Andrieu, Francesca Rigiroli

Challenges Facing Women in Radiology (Part II) (Panel Discussion)

Beth McFarland, Geoffrey Rubin, Aarti Sekhar, Judy Yee, Lea Azour, Liz Hecht (Moderator)

5:45 PM Phillips Healthcare Happy Hour

6:00 PM Early Career Happy Hour

7:00 PM Dinner on Your Own or Come Join Us!

Monday, October 9

7:00 AM Breakfast

7:00 AM Committee Meetings 

7:15 AM Round Tables

Wellness Program in Radiology

Les Folio, Harshna Vadvala

Lean On, Not In

Nancy Kim

Workflow Tools to Achieve Efficiency Gains

Alexander Kagen

Career Advancement for Mid-Career Radiologists

Jonathan Dillman

8:00 AM Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging Plenary

Jared Christensen (Moderator)

Health Equity and Lung Cancer Screening

Efren Flores

Thoracic Applications of Photon Counting CT (Hot off the press!)

Fides Schwarz

Liquid Lung Biopsy, Diagnostic Imaging, and Future Synergies

Milena Petranovic

Future Directions of Lung Cancer Screening

Jared Christensen

Cardiac Applications of Photon Counting CT: What is the benefit? (Hot off the press!)

Jill Jacobs

New Artificial Intelligence Applications in Cardiac CT: Ready for Clinical Implementation?

Fernando Kay

New Artificial Intelligence Applications in Cardiac MR: Ready for Clinical Implementation?

Akos Varga-Szemes

Health Economics: How Will We Pay for These New Technologies?

Marly Van Assen

9:20 AM Break

9:40 AM GI Plenary

Part I - US vs. MRE vs. CTE for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Bari Dane (Moderator)


Sudha Anupindi

Computed Tomography

Bari Dane

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Johnathon Dillman

Part II - GI Updates

Gaurav Khatri (Moderator)

Accreditation for Colorectal Cancer: Is it Worth it?

Courtney Moreno

CT Colonography: Triumphs and Controversies

Judy Yee

Updates on GI Neuroendocrine Tumors

Priya Bhosale

Ask the Audience

11:00 AM Workshops

Photon Counting and Multi-energy CT: Applications in Abdominal Imaging

Ravi Kaza, Fides Schwartz

Hot Seat Team Competition: GU cases – Everyone Participates!

Nichole Hindman, Nelly Tan

Updates for Your US Practice
US-Guided Interventions

Olga Brook

Contrast-enhanced US as a Problem-Solving Tool

Elizabeth Edney

Root Cause Analysis of an MRI Incident

Mustafa Bashir, Marie Hausner, Leo Tsai, Rekha Mody (Moderator), Jay Pahade (Moderator)

11:35 AM Workshops

Updates on MR Safety (Hot off the press!)

Takeshi Yokoo, Ihab Kamel

Debate: Scrotal MRI Does/Doesn't Add Value Over Scrotal Ultrasound Cases

Karen Lee, Mahan Mathur

Small Bowel Neoplasms - Imaging Updates

Avinash Kambadakone

Hepatic Metastasis from GI Malignancies: What the Radiologist Needs to Know

Frank Miller

Root Cause Analysis of a CT Incident

Lakshmi Anathakrishnan, Janelle Van Luling, Carolyn Wang Rekha Mody (Moderator), Jay Pahade (Moderator)

12:00 PM Lunch Symposium with Siemens Heathineers

1:00 PM Presidential Lecture & Vanguards Plenary

Molecular and Metabolic Heterogeneity in Cancer: Implications for Therapy
and Advanced Imaging (Presidential Lecture)

Ralph Deberardinis

Liver Cancer Biomarkers

Bachir Taouli

Hyperpolarized MRI in RCC

Jane Wang


Mishal Mediratta-Lala

2:15 PM Workshops

Iodinated Contrast Media: Practical Recommendations for Managing Bad Kidneys & Allergies

Rekba Mody, Carolyn Wang

Prostate MRI: How to Fix that Sequence?

Leo Tsai, Jurgen Futterer

Hot Topics in Interstitial Lung Abnormalities (ILA)

Diagnosis and Clinical Significance

Melissa Carroll

The Diagnosis & Classification of Alternatives to UIP

Christopher Walker

Challenges & Tips for Anal Cancer Imaging

Gaiane Rauch

Challenges & Tips for Rectal Cancer Imaging

Gaurav Khatri

2:45 PM Break

3:05 PM Workshops

What is New in Cardiovascular Disease?
New Surgical Management Guidelines for Acute Aortic Syndrome (Hot off the press!)

Geoffrey Rubin

Coronary Plague Burden Quantification using CCT: What is the Evidence?

Damini Dey

Ultrasound vs MRI for Female Pelvis: US applications, MRI applications and Training programs

Perspective on Female Pelvic Imaging

Priyanka Jha, Yang Guo, Nancy Kim

Liver Cancers: Assessment of Treatment Response Following Radiation and Systemic Chemotherapy (Hot off the press!)

Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, Joseph Yacoub

Updates on Crohn's Strictures:
Past, Present, and Future

Mark Baker

What the Surgeon Needs to Know

Javier Salgado

3:35 PM Cardiovascular Tumor Board

Robert Cameron, Stephen Chun, Yin P. Hung, Elaine Shum, Liisa Bergman (Moderator)

4:30 PM Fellows Meeting

5:00 PM Members Business Meeting

5:35 PM Game Show

   Team 1:  Aya Kamaya, Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, Sam Galgano

Team 2:  Bhavik Patel, Victoria Chernyak, Pranay Krishnan

7:00 PM Gold Medal Awards & Dinner

Tuesday, October 10

7:00 AM  Breakfast Symposium by Microsoft Nuance

The promise and practice of responsible AI:  Solve for today, plan for tomorrow.

7:15 AM Round Tables

Leadership Values and Value Based Leadership

Gaiane Rauch

Change Management - From Theory to Practical Applications in Radiology

Joseph Yacoub

Talk to the Editors about Radiology Journals

Eric Tamm

Building and Sustaining a High-Quality Prostate Imaging Program

Daniel Costa

8:00 AM Hepatobiliary Plenary

Mustafa Bahir (Moderator), Victoria Chernyak (Moderator)

Immunotherapy for Primary Liver Cancers

Bachir Taouli

Hepatic Ductal Plate Abnormalities

Jeffrey Weinreb

Mimickers of Hepatic Cirrhosis

Reena Jha

Cholangiocarcinoma: Staging and Respectability Evaluation

Kartik Jhaveri

Liver Transplantation for Hepatic Adenomatosis

Victoria Chernyak

MR Elastography of Chronic Liver Disease: 2023 Update

Richard Ehman

Abbreviated MRI: DCE vs HBP (Debate)

Mustafa Bashir (Moderator), Victoria Chernyak (Moderator), Bichir Taouli, Jeffrey Weinreb, Reena Jha, Kartik Jhaveri, Richard Ehman

9:20 AM Break

9:40 AM Obstetrics and Gynecology Plenary

Atul Shinagare (Moderator)

Imaging Findings and Complications After Cesarean Delivery

Shuchi Rodgers

Postpartum Bleeding and Retained Products of Conception and Why AVM is Never a Consideration

Aya Kamaya

Pitfalls of O-RADS US + MRI

Priyanka Jha

Complimentary roles of O-RADS US + MRI

Angela Tong

Top lessons from GYN tumor board - Part 1

Melina Pectasides

Top lessons from GYN tumor board - Part 2

Jeanne Horowitz

Ask the Audience

11:00 AM Workshops

The Academic Lifecycle. Come Find Yourself and Join the Discussion! (Part I)

Brian Herts (Moderator)

Frameshift: From I to We – Creating the Scaffolding for Successful Transition From Student to Radiologist

Tara Catanzano

The First Five Years: Observations and Tips on Making the Transition from Trainee to Junior.

Anugayathri Jawahar

Updates on Malignant and Premalignant Lesions of Pancreas

Sooah Kim, Srinivasa Prasad

Radiologic and Clinical Collaboration in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Endometriosis; Implementing an Endometriosis Clinic

Motoyo Yano, Scott Young

Are Radiology Journals Ready for the AI Revolution? (Panel Discussion)

Eric Tamm (Moderator), Reed Dunnick, Ali Tejani, Sam Galgano

11:35 AM Workshops

The Academic Lifecycle. Come Find Yourself and Join the Discussion! (Part II)

Brian Herts (Moderator)

Recruitment & Retention: Cultivating Professional Fulfillment for All

Jessica Robbins

Ageism in Radiology/Harnessing the Expertise of Experience

Jeffrey Weinreb

AI tools for Clinical and Research Applications: What’s Ready Today?
Radiomics in Research & Where Are We Heading.

Anugayathri Jawahar

Clinical Applications of AI You Can Use Today.

Kiran Batra

Cancer and pregnancy
Cancer in Pregnant Patient

Viktoriya Paroder

Pregnancy-related Issues in Cancer Patients

Liina Poder

Clickable: Using Technology for Engaging Case-Based Learning

Edward Lawrence, Matthew Lee, Neil Hansen

12:00 PM Lunch Symposium with Otsuka

1:00 PM MR Innovations Plenary

Angela Tong (Moderator), Leo Tsai (Moderator)

Rapid MRI - The Chair perspective

Gary Gold

AI-enabled MRI for Cancer Screening

Hersh Chandarana

Free-breathing Contrast Enhanced MRI of the Abdomen

Mustafa Bashir

Designing, Building, and Operating an Outpatient MRI Center

Mukesh Harisinghani

Low field MRI and Point of Care MRI - is There a Need?

Angela Tong

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your MRI Business

Jane Wang

How/when to Incorporate New MR Technologies (Panel Discussion)

Hersh Chandarana, Gary Gold, Mukesh Harisinghani, Ihab Kamel, Angela Tong, Jane Wang

2:35 PM Workshops

Incorporating AI in the Radiology Curriculum

Jeanne Horowitz (Moderator)

A Resident Perspective

Melina Hosseiny

Another Resident Perspective

Ali Tejani

Why Do We Need Post-Docs in AI

Faghani Shahriar

The Chair's Perspective

Gary Gold


Speed Mentoring for Early Career 

Ferumoxytol-enhanced MR Imaging
Vascular MRI with Ferumoxytol

Jeffrey Maki

Is Ferumoxytol MR Angiography Cost Effective?

Stella Kang

Need Help with Your PET/MRI Service?

Sam Galgano, Edward Lawrence

3:00 PM Break

3:20 PM Workshops

Innovations in Ovarian Cancer: Radiologist's Perspective and Template

CT Esophagram - Where are We at Currently?

Matthew Morgan

Bowel Obstruction - When to Worry

Richard Gore

MRI Updates
Deep Learning Acceleration in MR

Barun Bagga

MR Lymphangiography

Alexander Kagen

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
How to Make NLP Work for You: Hype vs. Practicality

Yee Ng

Chat GPT - Gimmick or Game Changer (Debate) (Hot off the press!)

Asser Abou Elkassem, Ganeh Fananapazir, Nelly Tan, Brian Herts (Moderator)

4:00 PM Research SABI Tank

Benhamin Yeh (Moderator)

5:15 PM Three Pearls Presentation

5:45 PM       Poster & Cocktail Session

Takeshi Yokoo (Moderator), Victoria Chernyak (Moderator)

Wednesday, October 11

7:00 AM Committee Meetings

8:00 AM Pancreaticobiliary Tumor Board

Deyali Chatterjee, Koushik Das, Hyun Kim, Bassam Sonbol, Ching-Wei Tzeng, Priya Bhosale (Moderator), Motoyo Yano (Moderator)

9:00 AM Break

9:20 AM A.I. Plenary

Bhavik Patel (Moderator)

Actionable AI: How to Leverage State-of-the-Art Large Language Models (LLMs) in Clinical Administration and Research

Nikhil Madhuripan

Use of Opportunistic Screening AI for Improved Population Health

Andrew Smith

AI for Operational Efficiency in Imaging

Hersh Chandarana

Implementation and Regulatory Challenges for AI

Linda Chu

AI today: Going to Fast or Not Fast Enough? (Panel discussion)

Hersh Chandarana, Linda Chu, Nikhil Madhuriipan, Andrew Smith

Ask the Audience

10:50 AM Beyond the Reading Room Plenary

Brian Herts (Moderator)

Mentoring to Give an Edge

Sadhna Nandwana

Edge up: Perspectives for Aspiring Inventors in Radiology

Richard Ehman

Defining the Research Edge: A Comprehensive Umbrella IRB Protocol for Retrospective Radiology Research, Including AI/ML

Scott Reeder

Clinical Decision Support for Advanced Imaging 2023: What's your Edge?

Ella Kazerooni

The Leading Edge in Radiology: What Can We Learn from Great Coaches?

Erik Paulson

Multidisciplinary Conferences: Great for patients, but at What Cost?

Fred Lee

Multidisciplinary Conferences (Panel Discussion)

Free Lee (Moderator), Daniel Costa, Reena Jha, Vikas Kundra, Sadhna Nandwana, Erik Paulson

12:10 PM Closing

Desiree Morgan

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