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SABI Launches Learning Management System (LMS) to Showcase 2023 Annual Conference Sessions

1 Feb 2024 5:19 PM | Anonymous

SABI is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Learning Management System  (LMS), providing an innovative platform for members and non-members to access the 2023 SABI Conference plenary sessions. This initiative aims to enhance the learning experience in the field of advanced body imaging and empower professionals to stay at the forefront of their field.

Available now, the SABI Learning Management System offers a host of features designed to enhance the educational opportunities available to radiologists outside of conference season. One of the key highlights is the exclusive digital access to the 2023 SABI Conference plenary sessions. Members and non-members alike will have the unique opportunity to virtually attend these sessions, gaining valuable insights from leading experts in the field of advanced body imaging.

This feature ensures that medical professionals can conveniently enhance their knowledge and expertise while meeting their accreditation requirements. It is important to note that if you attended the 2023 SABI Conference, you already have access to the 2023 Plenary recordings in the conference app, previously distributed. This new LMS allows those who didn't get a chance to attend the 2023 SABI conference to watch the plenary sessions and obtain the corresponding CME credits.

"We are delighted to introduce the SABI Learning Management System, which will offer digital and year-round access to the content of the SABI Annual Conference and beyond. By offering this access and providing CME credit opportunities, we are committed to fostering continuous learning and professional development in our field. This is a great option for anyone who wasn’t able to attend last year’s event in person."

Dr. Ivan Pedrosa, President of SABI

Visit sabiradiology.org/sabi-learning to learn more. 

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